Protect your people with SurelySafe.

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your organization with daily health screenings and population monitoring.

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    Built with your organization’s needs in mind.


    Minimal disruptions

    An effective COVID-19 strategy is necessary to keep operations humming, reopen your doors and get back to business (and life) as usual.


    Health and safety

    As cases surge once again, employers and schools are expected to take proactive measures to ensure the availability of safe environments.


    Peace of mind

    A COVID-19 screening solution can mitigate the stress and worry negatively impacting the mental health of the majority of U.S. adults (KFF).

    A comprehensive management tool

    Our COVID-19 management product looks and feels like a robust electronic health record platform—because it was built from one.

    It couldn’t be simpler.

    1. Purchase a SurelySafe plan
    Contact us for a custom solution at 717.735.8105 ext. 700
    2. Get started in under 24 hours
    We'll reach out immediately to get your organization onboarded seamlessly and quickly.
    3. Conduct daily health screenings
    Each employee receives a unique link to complete screenings via our secure web-based app.
    4. Monitor aggregate health data
    Employee screening responses are automatically pushed to our cloud-based management platform.
    5. Mitigate health risk and continue on
    Over time, your organization builds a comprehensive view of its virus management strategy.

    Get started with SurelySafe today.