Protect your people with SurelySafe.

SurelySafe automates all aspects of Covid-19 screening and tracking for Human Resources, Safety, and Compliance professionals. Our solution alleviates the burden of manual entry of Covid cases, contact tracing, vaccinations, and test recording. As employers struggle with the task of tracking thousands of employees’ health records, SurelySafe enables them to easily record all data under one solution. This ensures compliance, protects worker’s health, reduces liabilities, and safeguards employees’ confidential records.
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    Built with your organization’s needs in mind.



    Track your employees COVID-19 vaccination status.



    Track and approve your employees COVID-19 tests.



    Ask your employees to routinely screen for symptoms using a browser or our convenient apps.

    A Comprehensive Management Tool

    Our COVID-19 management product looks and feels like a robust electronic health record platform—because it was built from one.

    It couldn’t be simpler.

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    3. Record weekly employee COVID testing
    Quickly and easily track which employees need to be tested, upload results, and run comprehensive reports
    4. Track employee vaccination status
    Upload and track employee proof of vaccination

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